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JAE Construction has a variety of different services that are ideal for any prospective client. This can include professional roofing services, gutter, window, and solar panel installation to name a few. For both emergency repair services and roof installation services, general contractors are readily available to help you with these projects in your home. JAE contractors will assess the damage beforehand by performing an inspection on your roof. Comprehensive roof inspection and repair services will aid you as the homeowner in avoiding excessive damage due to negligence or refusing to pay for any repairs altogether.

Roof treatment is plentiful, and there are various services depending on the kind of repairs that you will need. For instance, if you have sustained any wind damage, there is an option for wind damage roof repair. If water is seeping through your roof, you have the option to seek a roof treatment for water leakage. If this needs urgent attention and cannot be put off for long durations of time, this would be classified as an emergency roof leak repair, in some situations, repairing a roof leak from the inside is a necessary step to take if it’s penetrated into other areas of your home. In other cases that don’t involve repairing a water leak, JAE offers other services that are available for cosmetic alterations for your roof. This can include installing a metal or steel frame on your roof, which has its own host of benefits. Installing steel roofing panels can pay dividends for your home because the material itself is very durable and will last you a long time. Additionally, they are very energy efficient as the panels do not trap heat within your home, which typically causes your AC unit to work twice as hard in cooling your home. The average price to replace a roof can be anywhere in the $9,000-$15,000 range. It’s not that reasonable in terms of cost, but with the help of JAE, you won’t be left to fend for yourself in the dark. There are options in terms of financing that can make the process less complicated. To install a new roof, one of the few ways that cost is determined is by accounting for the square footage. A new roof price per square foot is something to be wary of when deciding which company to go with for the repair process.

Our Services

The Last roof you will ever do!
Up to 35% Energy savings
Homeowners Ins Discount.
Longest Warranty
Free Woodwork
Fastest Install time.
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Emergency Roof Repairs
Commercial Repairs
Tile Repairs
Flatroof Repairs.
Flat Roof experts
Cool Roofs
6″ Gutters
7″ Box Gutters
Copper Gutters
Impact Windows
100% Financing
0% Down
No Payments up to 17 months

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