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Here in South Florida, we enjoy the sunny weather and a splendid lifestyle associated with the area. The residents of Lighthouse Point enjoy their lives with oceanfront properties and businesses that only add to that lifestyle that attracts people from all over the area. As the name of the city implies, a beautiful lighthouse stands right on the Hillsborough Inlet that defines the city and gives it character.

Nevertheless, every year, Florida is threatened by tropical storms and hurricanes that are only getting bigger and more violent than the ones before. As Lighthouse Point is located near water and canals, the risk of damage and destruction to your homes and property is very possible.

As hurricanes return to South Florida, roofs and windows are what homeowners are most concerned with. High caliber hurricanes have the capacity to blow out windows and damage substandard roofs. In the event of severe damage, it is best to call a trusted name. The residents of Lighthouse Point have turned to JAE Construction to hurricane-proof their houses.

JAE Construction is a family-owned company that’s served the community of South Florida for more than twenty years, preparing people’s homes for the hurricane season.

At JAE Construction, we specialize in roof construction. Using satellite technology, we’re able to measure your property and get a faster estimate and diagnosis of what needs to be done to your house. Hiring the right specialists to work on your roof can be the difference between your home and your family surviving a roaring hurricane or possibly facing severe damage or injury.

Roofing repair aside, we also install impact windows that are able to resist the full force of these hurricane winds. Impact windows aren’t just beneficial when hurricanes come around, these windows also cut down on outdoor noises, and prevent burglars from entering your home.

You never want to gamble with your life or the integrity of your home when a hurricane is en route to South Florida. Call us at (954) 801-0345, we’re a trusted company that will hurricane-proof your home, keep you safe and deliver a quality product every time.

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