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Also known as the “Diamond of the Gold Coast”, Hollywood has beautiful shores and boardwalks that are a sight for sore eyes.  

The weather can be beautiful with bright and sunny days that glisten against the ocean water and just as well as dark days with torrential rainstorms and downpour. For those dark days, you must have a reliable construction roofing company at your service. 

South Florida as a whole is predisposed to abrasive storms. As Hollywood is right on the coast, it is more susceptible to get hit by the coastal hurricanes and tropical storms that roll through the state.

Homes located right on the beach are at risk of flooding and sand erosion. The external structures of your home require continuous maintenance. Immense water, wind, sand, and sun exposure will lead to weakened parts of your roof that will need to be fixed.     

This is the exact kind of service that we provide at JAE Construction. We motivate our clients to take preventative measures by scheduling regular roof check-ups. 

As a premier and innovative roofing company, there is nothing we can’t fix!

We install impact windows that are stronger than regular glass windows and serve as the safest option from flying debris and shattered glass. 

Home remodeling and restoration can refresh your home for a refreshed look and give you a fresh feeling. 

Our many roofing options are not only strong but they compliment the color scheme of your home. There are various roofing materials that we can apply to your roof that provide numerous benefits. 

For long-term cost-effective roofs, like solar panels, are a great way to remain eco-friendly and use sunlight as a power source. 

Our services rely largely on the satisfaction of our clients. We want you to feel protected. Your investment in our company will be worthwhile. For all of our Hollywood residents, we offer 100% financing, no payments up to 7 months, as well as decrease your homeowner’s insurance by 45%. 

Give us a call at our locations nearest to you for a free quote!

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