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We Are Specialists In Roofing And Construction!
954-357-0560 1800 N Federal Hwy Suite 1800B, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

South Florida is home to some of the most adverse weather conditions, including high humidity and strong tropical storms. Your roof experiences the brute force of these strong winds, rain, hail, and intense sun exposure. 

For any repairs, large or small, JAE Construction Group has the experience, expertise, and tools to efficiently repair your home.   

For the last 20 years and counting, JAE Construction has served Fort Lauderdale and the greater South Florida area. Our roofing contractors will not only restore your roof in a way that will make it stronger than it previously was, but we’ll also provide affordable energy-efficient options to help you save money.  

Our clients are our top priority, and it shows through our 5-star reviews and our many testimonials of past clients. 

Unlike other roofing companies, we use satellite technology to get an accurate measurement of your roof in order to bring the right amount of products and materials required for the project. From solar roofing to impact windows, JAE Construction is always up to date with new and improved techniques and materials that supply reliable and long-lasting results. 

Trouble financing a repair? No problem! A free quote is available and with 100% financing, we can achieve the complete repair you need. 

A sturdy roof will save you money, time, and it will protect you and your family from storms. With JAE Construction you can reduce your homeowner’s insurance by 45%, and have no payments for 17 months. 

We provide amazing financing on your next repair! Leaks are now a thing of the past so meet with us today at our Fort Lauderdale location! 

It is imperative if you are one of the 190,000 residents located in Fort Lauderdale who are in need of last-minute roofing repairs and replacements to consult with a roofing repair company. 

An affordable residential and commercial roofing repair company is just around the corner!

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