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Delray Beach stands as an attractive location for people of all ages; from old retirees to college students, Floridians are flocking to the area. This small beach town provides a home to over 70,000 residents. 

As welcoming as it can seem today, the Delray Beach coastline is automatically at a disadvantage when hurricane season approaches. Located directly by the water, Delray Beach serves to be more susceptible to experience the negative effects of Florida storms. 

Properties may be flooded from the water surge, sand and wind will quickly deteriorate your home, and on top of all this, long-term sun exposure with followed heavy rains will immediately damage your roof. The effects of these disasters can increase here in Florida if the appropriate steps are not taken.

Contractors are forced to adapt to the natural and social aspects of the town. Wouldn’t it make sense for you to find a contractor correctly equipped with experience and expertise to resolve your problems? 

Here at JAE Construction, we are used to dealing with beach-side homes. Servicing clients all over the South Florida area, we are no strangers to the obstacles of coastal living and the needs associated. 

If you are in need of roofing services in the Southeast Florida area, do not hesitate to call. Whether you are looking for roofing experts, solar technology, or commercial construction, JAE construction can offer you a 45% reduction in your homeowner insurance, and amazing financing throughout the whole process of your service. 

As a coastal homeowner, you should not be worried about the safety of both your family and your house. Let us help you.

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