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Homeowners in Davie love to take care of their homes, but oftentimes, their roofs are left wanting. Here at JAE Construction, we understand the importance of regular home maintenance, especially during the more difficult times like during hurricane season. 

Have you ever considered installing impact windows in your home? At JAE, we offer some of the best impact window choices on the market. Our team will work closely alongside you to determine which type of impact windows are the ideal choice for your home. 

Impact windows host a variety of benefits for Davie homeowners. One of the more captivating reasons to have them installed is to avoid the hassle of hurricane shutters. While hurricane shutters do their job in providing sufficient protection, it’s a tedious task to put them up and take them down. Not to mention, it’s an eyesore if you have to leave them on your windows for a long period of time.

Once we’ve installed impact windows in your home, you will never again have to deal with the painstaking process of putting up shutters. It’s a one-time installation that provides the same amount of protection as hurricane shutters. 

You will notice some of the other benefits of impact windows almost immediately – noise reduction, lower power bills, resiliency against home break-ins, and much more. At JAE Construction, we want your home to be as modern and safe as humanly possible, especially in a place like Davie, which is prone to more sporadic weather patterns. Take advantage of the resources that are always readily available and contact us today for a consultation!

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